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Nikita Willy

Profil Nikita Willy
Full Name: Nikita Purnama Willy
Date of Birth: June 29, 1994
Religion: Islam
Twitter Accounts: nikitawilly_24
Name of father: Henry Willy
Mother's Name: Yora Febrine

Biodata Nikita Willy
Nikita is a Minang descent where he was the first child of 2 brothers. Currently he is having an affair with Diego Michiels, a football player homeland. His relationship with Diego had experienced ups and downs, like when Diego should be languishing in a jail cell when he was involved cases of abuse. Nikita was also rumored to have married siri with Diego when Nikita family photos circulating on the Internet with Diego therein. Here's the photo in question.

Currently Nikita is rumored as a sitcom actor with the highest costs. Because every sitcom in which he stars always suck millions of viewers homeland. This achievement is the fruit of the struggle of a Nikita that he started from the age of 6 years, which is the first appearance in a soap opera titled Moon Star. However, Nikita Willy known by audiences when she got a role in a soap opera with Evan Sanders Roman Picisan.

In addition to being a sitcom actress, Nikita also be commercials for various products. Ranging from biscuits to car ads. His ability in acting is no doubt, a lot of awards and nominations already that he won, one of which is a favorite aktirs in Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2013.

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