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Intimate Photo Nikita Willy

Advanced entry canopy our article today, the picture may be indicted. The day after tomorrow, we shall accuse our office indicting Eddy cat.

Indonesian entertainment world overnight swizzle with the spread of an image that belongs to Nikita Willy di'dakwa with Diego Michiels.

In the picture are just a form of the piece di'dakwa show that flax Nikita in tight hug from behind by Diego Michiels.

However, Nikita Willy proper exit gives reality to deny the authenticity of the image and provide tangible evidence that he and Diego Michiels has never slept with over the years.

In fact the Whenever Again, Nikita Willy shows set clear images Diego Michiels has a tattoo di'lengan while the photo spread shows otherwise.

"If you want proof of this photo on the internet, here's my hand and my whole dont ask Diego to photograph, the right hand loads tattonya Diego, was in the photograph is not no tattoo," said Nikita.

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